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Thursday 12:30-2pm Drop-in

Thursday 12:30-2pm Drop-in


This is a In U Yoga midday flow class with a balanced, medium to slow, mindful flow that starts with Yin openings (long holds) targeting the deep tissues of the lower body, and evolves gradually and fluidly into a more active, but slow dynamic sequence that targets the muscles of the lower body and the mobility of the upper body. It finishes with a quiet practice and a relaxation. This class is suitable for students with any degree of experience that are looking to delve deeply into the purpose of yoga asana practice.


  • Terms and conditions of booking

    ​We take bookings in advance for a predetermined, fixed date Course. New students can join classes at any time during a course- please call or email for availability and prices.

    ​Missed classes during any pre-paid period are not refundable or transferable to either the next course, or another person. Please email to check availability.

    Drop in classes must be paid before the class.

    We may use substitute teachers to cover holidays, sickness and absence for professional development.

    In the rare event that during a course we have to cancel classes for a week or more, for any reason, we will extend the course by the corresponding amount of time. (This does not include closure for weather events or force majeure). No refunds will be given if a student cancels their booking or misses classes for any reason.

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