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In my workshops you experience first hand how stimulation of the fascial and deep tissues of your body opens an energetic flow that leads a way and informs creative healing movement that suits your unique constitution.


Besides, as we all know we feel great after our 90 minute yoga class don’t we? But usually, just as we are feeling more relaxed, the class is over and we are left feeling like we wanted more. In a full day yoga workshop you have the chance to stay and enjoy deeper, longer lasting benefits. Attending these workshops will help you to crystallise strong, new, healthy patterns in order that you can cultivate strength in that newly discovered reality. Through a longer, all day immersion, you incorporate this knowledge to a degree that is not possible in regular yoga classes.

You will experience stretching and opening of the connective tissues (miofascia), and safe exploration of the contours of your joints that will facilitate healthier, more sustainable movement patterns and a long term more effective Meditation practice.

You will experience freedom in the most dense structure of your body: the skeleton. If the skeleton is freed, then the breath is freed and the physical and energetic bodies are closer to harmony. It’s a wonderful and more lasting feeling.

Who can attend?

All our workshops are suitable for all levels of practice. That is because our focus is on what the posture is meant to produce in your body and how it feels, rather than focusing on how the posture looks. We call this a ‘functional’ approach to yoga. It is based on your unique skeletal structure. In this way we teach you how to maximise the benefits of each asana.


Yin Yoga Immersion & Mandala Flow Yoga*

Merging with the healing light

Come and experience deep healing and insight with a Functional Approach to Yoga. Discover a heart centred yoga that will really work for you allowing you to feel and merge with the flow of energy and the tantalising force of healing light.

Date TBC  10am - 4pm

Price: £80

Teas, coffee and snacks included

Limited spaces available, booking in advance is essential

Now taking bookings for this workshop, for bookings please email:

This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

In this workshop we will have a full day of exploration of Yin and Yang practices to stretch the miofascial tissues of the pelvis, the spine and bringing a special focus, and taking time, for analysis of the upper body function. We aim to develop a basic understanding of Functional Anatomy of the spine and upper body. If you are a teacher you will learn how to focus to start teaching from a functional approach. It will also be helpful and instructive for your practice at any level of experience in Hatha Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa flow, Iyengar, or any other style of yoga or sports that you are currently practicing.

Yin yoga promotes compassion, mindfulness and deep healing, targeting mainly the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and spine. In simple terms yin yoga, involves postures that are held for 3 or more minutes, without muscular tension, whilst encouraging adaptations to suit your uniquely shaped skeleton. In Yang Yoga (a more dynamic practice) we target the muscles, balancing and strengthening specially the muscles of the upper body.


Come and join us for this Yin- yoga workshop. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you once more the amazing healing benefits of a functional approach to practicing yoga . We will focus particularly on the Spine and Upper body, which opens an energetic door to a Mandala Flow Yoga sequence*. Practicing Yoga asana with the focus in function instead of form allows your practice of asana to be more powerful and effective and therefore facilitating a posterior practice of Meditation.


The Riverroom, Halton Mill, Lancaster


Taught by Gabriela Maass, Senior Teacher, Yoga Alliance Professionals & Paul Grilley 500hrs. Assisted by Matt France (200hr Yoga Alliance Professionals, In U Yoga Teacher and 100hr Yin Yoga certified).


Gabriela Maass  

Gabriela is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK. She has over twenty years of practice and study of hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation with many of the world’s leading yoga teachers. She has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and currently is the director of In U Yoga School in the Lake District and Lancaster areas.

Her many teaching qualifications  include certification in Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Therapy with Arun H.S. (direct disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar), Vinyasa Flow Teaching Certificate with Shiva Rea, and 500 hr Yin Yoga Teaching Certificate with Paul and Suzie Grilley. She is also a Meditation teacher and continues to enrich her teaching through attending seminars and classes; allowing this external knowledge to blend with her own insights and intuition gained from personal practice and years of teaching experience.

General booking information



One day workshop £80 (5-6 hours tuition)

Half day workshop £55 (3-3.5 hours tuition)

(We do not not accept half day bookings for full day workshops)


Refunds cannot be made if you give notice of your inability to attend less than 30 days before the workshop. Places are non transferable. 

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