I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 1995 and I have gradually become immersed in this discipline to the point where it is a major part of my life focus and purpose. The insightful and mindful nature of that immersion has expanded my perception of life. Yoga is my chosen path for self-study and personal transformation. 

After many years of practice I decided to take my first Yoga teacher training in 2001 in Iyengar Yoga with Arun HS, shortly followed with teacher training in Vinyasa flow yoga with Shiva Rea in 2004. Since then I have continued to regularly attend courses and workshops with many yoga luminaries and Meditation teachers to deepen my learning and refine my understanding of the path of Yoga. In 2016 I became a certified Senior Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, which is their highest level of qualification.

Recently I have specialised in the study of Yin Yoga with 500 hours of further teacher training in California with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Yin Yoga has become for me the mother of all other approaches to yoga and it has taken me deep into the roots of Yoga as a teacher and as a practitioner. I teach Yin yoga and Meditation from an anatomical and functional approach that enables all practitioners to enjoy the benefits of yoga asana by guiding them into deeply engage with the reality of their own skeletal contours and the subtle and healing movements of the miofascial tissues. When your yoga asana is effective and deep your Meditation practice is facilitated.


I have been practicing yoga for about 20 years. At first I was reluctant to persevere due to my lack of mobility, which at the time I interpreted as just not being “good at yoga”. But over the years I began to experience Yoga’s amazing benefits and became a total yoga fan. I feel great after each practice, and my mobility and health is better now in my 50s than when I was 27.

In 1999, whilst living in Santiago Chile, I began practicing Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar Yoga with Arun HS (one of Mr Iyengar’s senior students) and other teachers. Later, living in England I attended regular weekly classes with Gaby Maass at Continuum Yoga for over 10 years.

In 2015 Gaby convinced me to accompany her to take part in a 100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley in California. This Teacher Training created a desire to share yoga, particularly yin yoga, from a perspective of a functional approach rather than focusing on form. Focusing on form was preventing me from appreciating the value of sharing yoga with others because I thought “I’m not flexible or mobile enough to be teaching yoga”.

In 2018 I also completed 200 hours Teacher Training at Continuum Yoga School with Gaby and am currently attending another additional 200 hour with Gaby, which I will complete by July 2020 for a total of 500 hours teacher training.

I choose to teach yin yoga because I really see the value that it has brought to my general health. It has also enriched my passion for rock-climbing, keeping me both strong and flexible, and helping me to understand the reality of my physical body. I’m now climbing at a higher level than in my 20’s, thanks mostly to Yoga.