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To book your online private session email or please message or call: 07527200867

I'm now taking bookings for in person private sessions in the Lake District and Lancaster area.

Private sessions are suitable for all but especially for those in need of a personal practice guidance and/ or therapeutic approach to their experience. This is not simply a yoga session, I facilitate that you, using yoga as a tool, enter into a place in yourself where you have a chance for deep transformation and healing. Additionally you will experience complete relaxation of your entire mind and body. And as a result you will learn how to enter into a deep meditative state and begin to find the clarity you search.

*It is also advisable for beginners yoga practitioners or in case of injury or when there are any special requirements or care. Or if you wish to immerse your self deeply into the roots of Yoga Asana practice and Meditation.

In cases of special care or injury recovery I use yin yoga. Yin yoga targets the deep tissues of the body specially the fascia and the joints. The consciously applied stimulation of the fascial tissues restructures the affected area resulting in relief of the physical symptoms and ultimately healing.


“I cannot say enough about Gaby’s 1.5hr yin yoga private session.  I lead a hectic life both working internationally and raising a family in the lakes and this is my time to recharge, balance and just let my mind and body regenerate. It’s a necessary part of anyone’s life to remember how important total relaxation really is and Gaby is an expert in bringing you back to a centred place and guiding you through to a place of total peace”   Abbe Pickthall, Lake District




  • £55 per person for 1-hour session

  • £70 per 2 people for 1-hour session

  • £85 per 1-2 people for 1.5-2 hours session

  • For sessions for more than 2 people please email or call to consult the fee.


To book your appointment please phone/message:


07527 200867 or email

About Gaby


I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 1995 and I have gradually become immersed in this discipline to the point where it is a major part of my life focus and purpose. The insightful and mindful nature of that immersion has expanded my perception of life. Yoga is my chosen path for self-study and personal transformation. 

After many years of practice I decided to take my first Yoga teacher training in 2001 in Iyengar Yoga with Arun HS, shortly followed with teacher training in Vinyasa flow yoga with Shiva Rea in 2004. Since then I have continued to regularly attend courses and workshops with many yoga luminaries and Meditation teachers to deepen my learning and refine my understanding of the path of Yoga. 

Recently I have specialised in the study of Yin Yoga with 500 hours of further teacher training in California with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Yin Yoga has become for me the mother of all other approaches to yoga and it has taken me deep into the roots of Yoga as a teacher and as a practitioner. I teach Yin yoga and Meditation from an anatomical and functional approach that enables all practitioners to enjoy the benefits of yoga asana by guiding them into deeply engage with the reality of their own skeletal contours and the subtle and healing movements of the miofascial tissues. When your yoga asana is effective and deep it triggers physical and emotional healing and your Meditation practice and personal development are facilitated in the same measure.


Cancellations within 48 hours of a booking will incur a 50% fee if a mutually convenient time cannot be rearranged.

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