INU Turkey Retreat 5th -12th of October 2020
  • INU Turkey Retreat 5th -12th of October 2020


    Suleyman's Garden Yoga Retreat, Turkey



    Shared accommodation: £835 (plus £50 additional if en-suite is required)

    Single accommodation: £885 (plus £100 if en-suite is required)


    • During this warm yoga week, you will unwind and soften your body tissues, deeply yielding to your true self, finding enormous release of tension, improved energy levels, peace and emotional content. 

      Practicing yoga twice a day: yin yoga and breathing practices followed by a detoxing yang flow in the mornings before breakfast and a more relaxing and restorative practice in the evening.

      We sleep in beautiful wooden cabins with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by carob, banana and pine singing trees under a magnificent canopy of the shiniest of stars.

      Having the opportunity to swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea as often as you wish, unspoiled coastal walks, eating the fruit and vegetables grown onsite in abundance is such a rare experience now a days that draws you back to the simplicity of life and the healing nature of life itself.

      During this retreat you will immerse yourself into a blissful state of connection with yourself and nature. The practices we explore often release happiness, and a sense of peace and fulfilment, which allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and the company of others.

      You will leave the retreat with a deeper understanding of your own body and its unique anatomy, which allows you to explore your full range of movement safely and effectively. I also teach pranayama and meditation. Where necessary I also use assisted Yin yoga practices, partner work and group discussions.

      I shape each yoga class in response to the energetic needs of the group, and this is reflected in the overall pace and rhythm of the retreat. I ensure that the tone and dynamic of the classes are in harmony with the participants, the time of the day, and the temperature.