What is a Yoga Retreat ?

A yoga retreat is a place and space for re-connection with a forgotten part of your self. A part of you that has been clouded by the pressures of daily life, the confusion of the thinking mind, and the emotional suppression inherent in our adaptation to society. During your time on retreat you have space to explore how these three aspects of your consciousness are entangled together. A good quality retreat gives you the tools and perspective to understand, embrace and untangle them, bringing light to what was subconscious.

When looking for a yoga retreat we must clarify our intention. I know by experience running yoga retreats for several years now that what people are really looking for is to experience healing, love, relaxation, and clarity of mind. They also want to learn skills that nurture their capacity to deal with the difficulties of life in a more efficient way, beyond the boundaries of our retreat time together.

Choosing a good yoga retreat therefore is inevitably related to the depth and quality of teaching. The teacher/facilitator  offering a yoga retreat must be mature enough, with the tools and skills, beyond just the physical dimension of yoga, to support and nurture the whole group. Simultaneously helping each individual in their intention to reconnect with a deeper and more loving dimension of themselves.

Many so called “Yoga Retreats” nowadays should be really just be called “Yoga Holidays”. That is not to say that a yoga holiday isn’t beneficial, but is a different concept altogether.