40 hour Further Training Course FTC
  • 40 hour Further Training Course FTC


    YIN YOGA MODULE 2 (Spine and Upper Body)​


    Dates 27th-29th of March 2020 


    Yin Yoga Further Training Course Module 2

    40 hours certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals 

    No prerequisites necessary 


    You do not need to have attended module 1 to attend module two as each is a course in its own right. However, completing both will provide a thorough foundation from which to teach yin yoga with a functional approach. And for non- teachers the course will enhance and advance your yoga practice.

    • The course will include (but is not limited to) the following areas of study:


      •    Asana for Yin yoga

      •    Functional Yoga Anatomy of pelvis and spine 

      •    Teaching methodology


      This Further Training Course will provide you with a solid foundation and complement your yoga teaching skills so you can apply yin yoga principles to your current teaching confidently. You will also learn how to implement your own yin yoga practice into your daily life. The instruction is delivered largely through an experiential teaching methodology, with the addition of personal research and written assignments. 


      Trainees will…

      •    become knowledgeable in a functional approach for practicing Yin yoga.

      •    develop an understanding of functional yoga anatomy, skeletal variation, and functional alignment for the pelvis and the spine.

      •    learn the art of observation and adjustment and self adjustment in asana based on functional anatomical knowledge including the use of assisted yin yoga.

      •    for those of you that are already teachers it will allow you to lead classes based on your understanding of Yin yoga principles and functional anatomy.